A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The Inn is a short RPG game with elements of mystery and fantasy. The story follows an adventurer travelling across the country and looking for (what else would an adventurer look for?) adventures, when she comes across an inn deep within the forest and decides to rest there. But not everything is as it seems, as the inn hides a dark and sinister secret that might cost our character her life. 

Have interesting conversations with NPC-s, uncover ancient mystery, interact with (almost) everything and fight colourful (pun intended*) cast of enemies. Hopefully chuckle at a joke and maybe even be surprised by a twist of events. What more could you ask for? You know you want to give this game a try. 

*What pun, you wonder? Play and you will find out.


The Inn Win 1.2.0.zip 100 MB
The Inn Mac 1.2.0.zip 101 MB

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Hey! Im trying to play the game for mac and it downloaded just fine, but when I try to play it, i just get a white screen. I don't know if it takes a long time to load but I tried to open it up multiple times and thats all I get. Sorry! Any help is appreciated! 

i really don't know why is that u__u

the thing is, when you make a game in rpg maker mv, and want to make a playable game, like, the folder that people can download and then play the game, you get an option to make version for windows, mac or mobile phone. and i made a file for windows and mac, even though i don't have mac, so i actually couldn't try it, i guess i was just hoping, because i didn't do anything to the folder except let mv create it, that it would work >__<

i am sorry ;__;

Heya! For your first game (I read the "read me") it's quite good! I always enjoy these RPG Maker type games, despite what some might think of them. Anyway, that's beside the point. 

Despite the game being short I enjoyed interacting with all of the characters and unraveling the mystery that surrounds the Inn (I tried to interact with as much as I could but I most likely still missed a lot, my apologies). The game has a real charm to it, I can appreciate the fact that you made it possible to interact with (almost) everything, and the "colourful" array of enemies. 

I'm curious to see what you come up with next, whether it be a new game or some kind of continuation of this one.

I hope you don't mind but I made a "let's play" video thing, about your game.



first of all, i am so happy you liked it ^__^ thank you so so much for such lovely words :3

and second, my tiny little game got a let's play video *happy crying* trust me, i don't mind at all xD i find it extremely cool someone would want to do that for my game :3

You're quite welcome, thank you for taking the time to reply! 

I'm glad to hear that, I try to give every game its fair chance and I really liked what yours had to offer. It was a pleasure to play and make a video about it.  

once again, thank you so much !! ^-^ i also checked out your channel, it seems quite nice. i wish you lots of views and subscribers ^_^

Once again, you're welcome!

Thank you for checking out my channel and for your kind words. I wish you luck with any and all future game projects you undertake!